NJStar Communicator

HOWTO: Input Traditional Chinese and then Output Simplified Chinese

Set NJStar Communicator view to 'Chinese Auto' with both "Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese" options set to OFF. On the inputbar, choose Traditional Chinese [繁] as input mode and set 'GB' as output code.

HOWTO: Input Simplified Chinese and then Output Traditional Chinese

Set NJStar Communicator viewer to 'Chinese Auto' (both "Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese" options set to OFF). On the inputbar, choose Simplfied Chinese [簡] as input mode and set 'Big5' or 'Big5-HK' as output code.

How to enable / disable NJStar Communicator input bar docking

In NJStar Communicator v3.0, the inputbar is not docked by default. On some setup the inputbar is covered by Windows task bar. User can enable inputbar docking by unchecking the option "Disable inputbar docking" in the IME options dialogbox.

When inputbar is not docked, it can move with input cursor automatically. This feature can be turned off by unchecking the option "Follow input cursor" on the popup menu (right click on the empty space of the inputbar) as shown on this picture.

Enable/disable njstar communicator inputbar docking